SpaceX Falcon 9 all set to launch South Korean Military Satellite
SpaceX Falcon 9 all set to launch South Korean Military Satellite

SpaceX is all prepared to launch the South Korean military communications satellite on Monday which is scheduled to be at 5 p.m EDT (2100 GMT).

The launch window runs nearly four hours, approximately till 8.55 p.m (0055 GMT).

How to watch SpaceX Falcon 9 launch 

Falcon 9, the launch vehicle used for the mission, was earlier used in the historic US mission where the spacecraft manufacturer launched two NASA astronauts to space. 

It is scheduled to be from pad 40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. The launch, at first, was scheduled to be on July 14, but SpaceX delayed it to rectify a problem with Falcon 9’s second stage. If the liftoff will commence as per schedule, SpaceX will grab the record for the quickest turnaround time between flights of an orbital-class rocket stage. 

The live stream of the launch will commence fifteen minutes prior to the liftoff, approximately at 4.45 p.m EDT. The U.S Space Force’s 45th Weather Squadron said that there is a 70% chance for good weather launch. 

The Historic launch of Falcon 9

Falcon 9, also known as Anasis 2, and Crew Dragon spacecraft took off from NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre on May 30. This set off the private space company’s first crewed mission.

Apart from the SpaceX’s achievement, it also was a golden moment for NASA as it was for the first time that it had launched its astronauts, Bob Behnken and Doug Herley, in partnership with SpaceX. The two astronauts are currently preparing to depart on August 1st. It was the first time that SpaceX has launched humans on space. 

With a plan to utilize pad 40 and pad 39 at Cape Canaveral Station and Kennedy Space Centre respectively, SpaceX has scheduled five missions on its launch schedule in the coming months, beginning with the Anasis 2 launch.


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