Google launches visual translation in KaiOS phones
Google launches visual translation in KaiOS phones

Google has recently launched Google Assistant’s feature of visual translation in KaiOS phones in India. Now, just like Android or iOS users, KaiOS users can place their cameras over text in the real-world for translation in their preferred language. This feature now enables the users to read, translate, or even define words. 

From Assistant, KaiOS users can simply click the camera icon and point it at the text (it can be a street sign, document, or a product label), which in turn is analyzed by Google and translated back to their preferred language. Users can long-press the center button from the home screen to access the Google Assistant setting on their phones. 

The feature is currently available in English and other Indian languages including Hindi, Telugu, Bengali, Marathi, and Tamil. Soon, it will be available in Kannada and Gujarati as well.

Google launches visual translation in KaiOS phones
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Google Assistant was launched in KaiOS phones back in 2017. Other Google-enabled features in KaiOS include voice typing, voice-based language selection, and support to native languages in India

The initial launch of visual translation

At Google I/O 2019, the annual developer conference held by the tech company, it launched the camera-based translation to Google Lens, which enabled any user having an Android or iOS smartphone to understand the meaning of a text in real-world just by pointing the camera at the text. This feature enabled the text’s translation to more than 100 languages. Further, it can speak out the text in the user’s preferred language.  

Last week, the tech giant made a huge step in India by partnering with Jio. Google announced an investment of $4.5bn (Rs33,737 crore) for a 7.7% stake in Jio platforms.


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