Apple’s officially certified lightning cable is newly released
Apple’s officially certified lightning cable is newly released

Japanese electronics company Elecom Co., Ltd. has recently launched Apple’s officially certified lightning cables. The cables have arrived in three new designs coupled with improved durability. They are also available in 3 variations – 0.7/1, 2/2, 0m, thus enabling the users to choose according to their needs.

Commenting on its durability, the cable uses a high-density wiring structure. This strengthens its resilience to bending. Normally, the durability of the connector base is susceptible to easy breakage upon repeated connection and disconnection. This disadvantage is cleared by increasing the density of the internal wiring which, in turn, increases the cable’s durability up to 10 times.

Highlights of the cable

In addition to its added advantage of being officially certified by Apple, Elecom’s cable also has other features worth commending. Since there is no scope for water absorption, the product is unlikely to get dirty.

It uses a nylon mesh with high frictional strength for its outer skin to prevent any scratches on its surface. Moreover, to reduce the weight on the plug part, a long bush structure which is longer than the usual bush has been used. 

Elecom lightning cable
Elecom’s lightning cable

To enhance the cable’s resistance to rust, a gold-plated pin has been adopted which also turns down any signal deterioration. The product has made use of flame-retardant materials to enhance its safety as well.

Apple certification

Apple Inc.’s official certification for the product makes sure that the cables won’t be terminated on account of terminal updates. Furthermore, connecting a device such as an iPad, iPhone, and iPod to a computer with the help of a lightning connector enables safe and secure data transfer and charging as well.


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