Brooklyn based start-up Tarform launches it’s first electric motorcycle – Luna
Brooklyn based start-up Tarform launches it’s first electric motorcycle – Luna

Tarform, the Brooklyn based startup, has launched their Luna motorcycle and are ready to go live. They have started taking pre-orders for the bike and is expected to be out for delivery by the end of this year.

They had started unveiling the designs of this new high tech motorcycle in 2018 and was expecting to launch it by 2019. But the engineering complexities made it stretched the production and design by few months. In their website, Tarform has mentioned that “ Tarform Luna is our first generation of a new breed of electric motorcycles, powered by clean energy and care for nature”.

TARFORM LUNA Electric Bike
TARFORM LUNA Electric Bike

“We believe that vehicles should be build using honest materials that do no harm to our environment. Technology should be used to empower and enhance safety. Machines should be built to last and designed for upgradability”

They have the Luna Racer edition and scrambler edition, both of which are available for pre-booking. These are the Founder’s edition and the standard edition will be available in one year. The bike had unique styling with CNC’d parts and hand-formed aluminum body panels. It can be called elegant and sporty with a slight vintage touch.

Luna electric motorcycle
Luna electric motorcycle

As per Tarform’s claims, the maximum speed goes up to 90+ mph, i.e, 145+Km/Hr at 0-60mph at 3.8 seconds. They also claim that the vehicle has a modular battery which is upgradable in the future.

The power supply is from a 10KW battery to a belt-driven motor of 41kW or 55hp. The city range is said to be 120 miles or 200km and the highway range is not provided.

Other unique features of the vehicle include a “sonic aura acoustic sound system” which is a pedestrian warning system. The bike also has radar-based blindspot, keyless ignition and a downloadable ride statistics.

The prices for the founder’s edition are not yet known, but the standard editions available to customers may cost $24,000 USD. This is $6000 more than the estimated price in 2018. Tarform is definitely not targeting mass market sales and are concentrating on their unique and boutique style.

For more details, visit the official website and do share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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