Microsoft Windows 10 new Start Menu, looks good!
Microsoft Windows 10 new Start Menu, looks good!

It’s been five years since the release of Windows 10 in 2015, Microsoft has begun to create a new look for the operating system, starting with a more stylish design for the start menu.

The new Start Menu, expected to arrive next year, will retain live tiles with background colors that match the light or dark theme. Although the live tile is to be left, Microsoft intends to make significant changes to it.

Currently, if you turn off live tiles in Start Menu, your app will have solid color blocks. In the screenshot below, Microsoft demonstrates the start menu for Windows 10 when the live tile is turned off.

Microsoft Windows 10 new start menu looks good!
Windows 10 new Start Menu

In the new start menu, live tiles fade into the background, and the smooth-designed app icons are placed first. The Start menu upgrade also provides better support for system-wide shaded patterns, which are still available if you have live tiles.

The new Start menu features a translucent block app icon that Microsoft has modified, and there’s still a list of recent apps on the left side of the start menu, but the user interface has several adjustments. For example, in a new Start menu upgrade, the app icon is now next to its app name, not within a square.

It’s worth noting that the screenshot above was shared by Microsoft 365 on Facebook and doesn’t mean that Windows 10 will be updated with such a design.

Microsoft is currently “exploring” the new design for Windows 10’s start menu, which is likely to appear in previews later this year or next year. The new UI revamp is designed to turn color tiles into “unified,” whether in light or dark mode.

We hope that the revamp of the start menu will also align Windows 10’s desktop interface with Microsoft’s Windows 10X, which has abandoned live tiles in the form of app icons.

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