Samsung Galaxy Note 20 could arrive with Exynos 992 SoC

Zdnet Korea reports that the Galaxy Note 20, which is scheduled to go on sale later this year, could include the Exynos 992, a successor to the Exynos 990. The Exynos 992 is also more powerful than the Snapdragon 865.

Speaking of the Exynos series, it is a SoC that Samsung makes entirely in-house from development to production. By the way, Samsung is also in charge of the production of the Snapdragon series.

Galaxy Series SoCs typically come with Exynos or Qualcomm Snapdragon. The SoC varies depending on the region to be released, for example, the Galaxy S20 has the Exynos 990 in India and snapdragon 865 in Korea, Japan and Europe.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 could arrive with Exynos 992 SoC
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 could arrive with Exynos 992 SoC

Qualcomm plans to launch the new Snapdragon 865+ in the third quarter of 2020. However, the development of Snapdragon 865+ seems to be delayed by coronavirus now. If the Galaxy Note 20 doesn’t go to launch in time, it’s expected that all of the Exynos 992, which can be produced in-house, will be unified. Other manufacturers that planned to install Snapdragon 865+, such as Vivo, are also said to be able to adopt the Exynos 992.

The Same Galaxy S20 is a SoC, but the Exynos 990 is said to be less powerful than the Snapdragon 865, with a difference of about 50,000 points for the Antutu benchmark. As a result, users in areas where snapdragon versions cannot be purchased have complained so much that Samsung has complained.

In addition, the Galaxy S20 Ultra was limited to the Exynos 990-powered aircraft. I hope the Galaxy Note 20 series Exynos 992 doesn’t have any problems.

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