VR Ears, Off-Ear Speakers for all VR Headsets arrives Kickstarter

The makers of VR Ears claim that the user will be able to feel sound that completely immerses oneself into the virtual world. It is the first audio solution from the company that is built from the ground up to deliver high performance audio to all leading VR headsets with premium off-ear speakers.

With this, you will be able to dissolve the problem created by discomfort caused by traditional over ear, on ear, and in ear headphones. You will be able to use VR Ears while VR Gaming. Modern video game engines and VR applications has started utilizing advanced 3D spatial and binaural audio algorithms that deliver sound in L/R stereo channels and VR Ears is one of them. It promises to deliver this audio experience to its users.

VR Ears, Off-Ear Speakers for all VR Headsets arrives Kickstarter
VR Ears, Off-Ear Speakers for all VR Headsets arrives Kickstarter

It offers a sound field that completely surrounds and engulfs you in the virtual world and pinpoints positional audio direction when you are gaming so that you are aware of where your enemies are. It comes with massive improvements in terms of offering comfort.

You can use VR Ears for 360 video streaming. You must know that surround sound speaker setups cannot deliver positional audio in VR without the power of levitation but VR Ears give you the full feeling of off-ear surround sound.

As we have discussed earlier, you will be able to use this while gaming. The sound accuracy will help you in efficient gaming. With this, you will be able to avoid death in precarious situations.

VR Ears, Off-Ear Speakers for all VR Headsets arrives Kickstarter
VR Ears

It seems that VR ears have developed an audio experience that is nearly on par with the sound in the real world. It is easy to attach to all the above VR headsets with our modular mechanical attachment clips.

Most headphones that are currently available in the market are passive. The makers of this headphone added a lithium polymer battery that lasts up to 8 hours, high efficiency Digital Amplifier and Digital Signal Processor (DSP) so that the sound is able to reach the optimum SPL (Sound Pressure Level) of the ear.

The digital amplifier drives the premium near field speakers while minimizing power consumption while the DSP monitors the input signal and optimizes the output continuously so that it is distortion free for the amplifier. Together, this provides the power to the custom designed near field drivers to deliver a detailed and dynamic sound.

The speakers are 40 mm speaker drivers. The battery offers a playback time of 8 hours with a full charge that takes two hours. For more details visit the official Kickstarter campaign webpage.

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