I'm Back 35 digital back gadget begins its Kickstarter campaign
I’m Back 35 digital back gadget begins its Kickstarter campaign

According to the makers of I’m Back 35, I’m Back 35 is going to be the first low cost digital back for a 35mm camera. They said that this camera will suit them best who are looking for a “hybrid” camera that is seasoned to work with photographic films or in digital mode.

Four years have passed since the first prototype of I’m Back 35 was sold in the market. Back then, it came with a 3D printer. The company got massive positive feedbacks from the users so they are coming up with a new edition.

I'm Back 35 digital back gadget begins its Kickstarter campaign
I’m Back 35 digital back gadget

Nevertheless, the main innovation is in terms of software, which will now allow to take photos with the MANUAL mode, leaving the user full control of the shutter speed and the diaphragm aperture of the camera. After this, I’m Back 35 will record the images as it was set through the analog camera!

Apart from this, the makers have also integrated the new camera with a new technology, a new and more ergonomic design, and a new battery with higher performance. Specifically, the manual setting now allows you to frame and choose at what speed to shoot and the diaphragm aperture. The output files will be in either RAW or JPEG format as per your settings. The battery is an NP F550 / F570 one.

I'm Back 35 digital back gadget begins its Kickstarter campaign
I’m Back 35 digital back gadget

The universal cover comes with aluminium support. The best part is you will be able to fit your old 35 mm analog cameras in it. The makers believe that 99% of cameras will fit into the system. There is an option of dedicated back covers also which allow better and more hermetic fitting of your analog camera to the I’M BACK 35 devices.

The makers has listed out which cameras are going to fit into I’M BACK 35 device. They are:

  1. Canon A/A1/AE1/F1/FT/FTB/EOS300,
  2. Contax II/RTS/G1/G2,
  3. Diana F/F mini,
  4. Leica M1/M2/M3/M4/M6/M7/Leicaflex SL/R4/R5/R6,
  5. Minolta Dinaxx 7000i/Maxxum 7000/SRT/XD,
  6. Nikon EM/F/FA/FE/FE2/FG/FM/FM2/F2/F F4/F70/F90x/F100/S2/S3/Nikkormat FTN/EL,
  7. Olympus OM1/OM2/OM4/OM10,
  8. Pentax ME/ME super/K1000/Spotomatic,
  9. Praktica b200/MTL,
  10. Ricoh KR10,
  11. Yashica JP/FX3.

The makers also said that apart from these models the device also supports some other models like that of companies like Alpa, Contarex, Cosina and many more. They said that for these, you can use the Universal Back Cover which is already included in the I’m Back 35 box.

For more information and to pledge the product visit the Kickstarter campaign.

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