Electric bike that looks like a military vehicle: Annobike A1
Electric bike that looks like a military vehicle: Annobike A1

Annobike has come up with their new eBike, A1. Annobike A1 eBike offers a wide range of core specifications with iconic designs, architecture, art, and nature. A1 eBike emphasizes Danish heritage of appreciation of good design, functionality, and quality.

Up next, we will discuss the core features of Annobike A1 eBike that makes it different and positively extraordinary than most other eBikes currently available in the market. According to the makers, A1 eBike comes with the lots of off-road features.

Electric bike that looks like a military vehicle: Annobike A1
Annobike A1

To start with, Annobike A1 comes with adjustable air shocks at the rear suspension and adjustable dual crowned shocks at the front. Adjustable front and rear shocks A1 makes sure that your journey is a comfortable one. Along with that, the bright TFT screen will show you all the details you need under any light and weather conditions.

There is pedal assist up to 9 levels on a bright screen. Part from these, there are some other interesting specifications as well which are discussed below,

1. Adjustable dirt bike front stem and handlebar
2. Horizontal and vertical adjustable seat
3. Powerful concealed battery with integrated battery-indicator
4. Battery lock
5. Disc brakes with the option of mechanic and hydraulic lever
6. Covered charger socket
7. Puncture resistant tires
8. Optional GPS tracking-device allowing you to deactivate your bike in case of theft (purchased separately)

A1 eBike comes in 4 colors. 3 options are of durable powder coating and 1 option is of anodizing. Here is what the makers of A1 are saying about the color options of the bike Stealth Black is ALL BLACK that really brings out the devilish look of A1. Rocket Red is a combo of red and black. Racing Green is Annobike’s tribute to classic British car design. Gold dust is the cool anodising process that makes the alloy change color.

Electric bike that looks like a military vehicle: Annobike A1
Annobike A1

However, it comes with an extra price. Annobike has also added the option of GPS tracker. However, this one is not a compulsory one. It is optional. You may or may not take it up. If you take this GPS tracker then you won’t have to worry about getting lost ever because you will have full control over roads anytime and anywhere.

The makers have also developed an app through which you will be able to monitor your bike in real time. As per the makers, Annobike’s GPS tracker is state of the art technology which offers safety to the owners of the bike to support it in case of theft.

Do share your thoughts on Annobike A1 ebike in the comment section below! Also, for more details visit the official webpage.

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