ReduxBuds earbuds arrives with AI noise cancellation, nano graphene speakers
ReduxBuds earbuds arrives with AI noise cancellation, nano graphene speakers

Kickstarter campaign of ReduxBuds has started. ReduxBuds is AI powered noise canceling true wireless earbuds. These earbuds intelligently filter sound from your surroundings so that you can enjoy a conversation, get alarm alerts and be aware of traffic while remaining immersed in the world of music.

The earbuds come with dynamic nano speakers. ReduxBuds uses graphene nano technology speakers. Graphene is an allotrope of carbon that is 200 times stronger than steel and 1000 times thinner than paper. Graphene’s incredible strength and ultra light weight allow it to create sound waves much more efficiently. Other specifications include a custom designed ergonomic fit and a 100 hour battery life.

ReduxBuds AI noise cancellation earbuds
ReduxBuds AI earbuds

Even in today’s world, most wireless earbuds are powered by the same old technology found in wired headphones which severely limits the audio range. It seems that ReduxBuds has something better to offer.

Each earbud of ReduxBuds has been equipped with an external mic that captures the unwanted sound and filters those out with 30 dB cancellation technology. The earbud comes with 3 times better precision and sensitivity than most other earbuds available in the market.

ReduxBuds AI noise cancellation earbuds
ReduxBuds AI noise cancellation earbuds

ReduxBuds’ AI was developed to recognize over 6000 sound characteristics. Artificial Intelligence powered ANC calibrates its intensity to reduce battery drain. Interestingly, it also filters out noise from your surroundings. The earbuds offer 8 to 10 hours of playback with one full charge which is literally 2 times more than what most brands are currently offering.

You can also shift from ANC mode to Transparency Mode which will selectively allow some background noise to pass through the speakers.

The company said that as ear size differs from person to person, ReduxBuds will come in different size variants. Apart from this, it will also come with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity option which has a range of 30 feet. There will be no data transfer lags when you connect with Bluetooth.

ReduxBuds comes with USB Type-C quick-charging technology which takes only about 2 hours to get fully charged. For more info and ordering, visit the Kickstarter page. If you already own one, don’t forget to share your experience with us!

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