Mutrics GB-30 Smart Glasses for Gamers- All you need to know!
Mutrics GB-30 Smart Glasses for Gamers- All you need to know!

If you are a video game player then we have a very interesting piece of information to share. Mutrics GB-30, the world’s first pair of smart glasses has been campaigned in Kickstarter. It is specially designed for video gamers. Some of the key specifications of Mutrics GB-30 include a striking design, an open-ear audio, an advanced surround sound system and light lenses. These are combined together to deliver gamers an unparalleled sound experience.

Mutrics GB-30 does not use earbuds, instead, it uses open ear audio technology to transfer stereo sound to your inner ear. It is superior to other headphones, in the sense that playing video games with Mutrics GB-30 for prolonged periods won’t give you a second of discomfort. Since there is no earbud attached to your ears, you will be more connected to the real world while gaming.

Mutrics GB-30 Smart Glasses for Gamers: All you need to know!
Mutrics GB-30 Smart Glass

On your mobile devices, Mutrics GB-30’s cutting edge near field surround sound system delivers you rich, immersive and true to life sound. The makers of this smart glass consider that with this, you will be able to capture the slightest changes in the surrounding sound and pinpoint the enemy’s position with great ease and dominate them.

The light lenses we discussed before are transparent and anti-blue so it will protect your eyes against long term exposure to harmful radiations. It comes with a retro design embodied in the color, texture and buttons.

Mutrics GB-30 Smart Glass
Mutrics GB-30 Smart Glass

Mutrics GB-30 comes in two sets of resin replacement lenses (one set is colored gradient and the other is transparent anti-blue light) with a 100% protection against UV 400 rays. The user can easily swap into a variety of different styles.

It eventually comes with a Bluetooth connection as well. It comes with Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 connection which supports connectivity up to a distance of 20 meters. The user can control the volume, play or pause or skip soundtracks, accept a call and trigger Google Assistant or Siri or Alexa with buttons placed in the right. They don’t have to use their phone for this!

To learn more about Mutrics GB-30 Smart Glass, visit the campaign page.

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