Activision has banned 70,000 Call of Duty: War Zone players accounts

More than 70,000 hackers accounts have been banned worldwide in the recent firestorm of Call of Duty: War Zone, and officials say they have zero tolerance for cheating, the official said in a tweet today.

Call of Duty: War zone, has been a high-profile hit since it went live, attracting 6 million players a day, with more than 15 million players in three days, and the number of players worldwide in January has reached 50 million, indicating its popularity.

Activision has banned 70,000 Call of Duty: War Zone players accounts
Activision has banned over 70,000 Call of Duty: War Zone players accounts

For the hot FPS game, anti-cheat ingress has always been a headache for developers, for now, Activision on “Call of Duty: War Zone” anti-cheating strength is still relatively large, before it has reported that the game has been launched, the number of banned cheating accounts has reached 50,000, and today developers said this number has reached 70,000.

Officials also said they would continue to deploy dedicated security updates to enhance the gaming experience and zero tolerance for cheating.

Activision says its security team monitors the data 24/7, fully investigates data and identifies potential violations, and the security team has rigorously reviewed all possible cheating and hacking methods, including determining the use of targeting robots, wall hacking tools, and more.

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