LG Electronics announces new 5G smartphone brand, LG Velvet
LG Electronics announces new 5G smartphone brand, LG Velvet

LG on Sunday unveiled the name of its new smartphone expected to be released in South Korea next month, the South Korean company said that the next flagship smartphone called LG Velvet, comes the official announcement of the new name after an unconfirmed report issued last month suggests that the company adopt unique names for its next flagship phones.

“LG Velvet is the first device to implement the brand’s new mobile strategy, moving away from alphabetical labels in favour of familiar and expressive names that help consumers understand the essence of the device that is best suited to its personality and constantly changing trends,” the company said in a statement.

LG Velvet
LG Velvet Logo

“Velvet aims to evoke images of bright softness and excellent softness, which are key features of the new phone as smartphones are increasingly similar today and difficult to distinguish from them through technical specifications alone,” the statement added.

Chang Ma, Lg’s Vice President of Product Strategy, said: “Our new brand reflects current trends in dealing with personal tastes and unique consumer emotions with a greater focus on design, an easier approach, and we are confident that it will be accepted by consumers and help us create a clearer brand identity.””

LG Electronics unveils new 5G smartphone brand, LG Velvet
LG Velvet’s new Design

The company had revealed a few days ago the new design of its next flagship smartphone, which features a rear camera system called the company called “Raindrop”, so that the camera consists of three lenses with lighting (LED) arranged down by size, under the main lens of larger size, mimicking the way the drop drops drop.

LG hopes its new front-and-back curved phone will help the phone sector survive the long-term recession, especially after the company made a surprise first-quarter profit of 1.09 trillion won from January to March, up 21.1 percent from a year earlier.

LG did not explain the detailed performance of its business sectors in its first quarter financial results, however, analysts expected the mobile sector to remain a loser for the 20th consecutive quarter, with some predicting an operating loss of more than 200 billion won.

The change comes after LG’s flagship phones over the past two years, such as the G7, V40, G8, V50, G8X or V60, have become very similar, and the South Korean company seems to be trying to change this pattern for its next flagship phone by using an entirely new design language.

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