Seagate announces 3 External Gaming Hard Drives - They're massive!
Seagate announces 3 External Gaming Hard Drives – They’re massive!

Seagate earlier announced that BarraCuda Fast SSD, FireCuda Gaming SSD, unveiled at CES 2020, and FireCuda Gaming Dock, which could be used as an extended accessory for pen and electricity, will be launched in Taiwan earlier this year.

Among them, BarraCuda Fast SSD, FireCuda Gaming SSD are both out-of-sync SSD product presentation, but the difference between the two is that the former is designed in the traditional form of SSD, the latter is in the form of NVMe SSD, so in the actual transmission performance will be significantly different.

Seagate announces 3 External Gaming Hard Drives - They're massive!
Seagate announces 3 External Gaming Hard Drives – They’re massive!

To BarraCuda Fast SSD design, mainly to meet the majority of game content storage and use needs, respectively, distinguish 500GB, 1TB and 2TB capacity specifications, the appearance is close to the square and flat design, weight only 85 grams, and provide dual USB-C, or USB-C USB-A two connector specifications, the maximum data reading speed of up to 540MB per second, and the highest write per second performance of 520MB per second, Itself can be a green LED light to show the connection operation status.

FireCuda Gaming SSD is based on the previously launched FireCuda 510 NVMe SSD design, which corresponds to higher data access efficiency, can be transmitted via USB-C form USB 3.2 Gen.2 x 2 channel mode, corresponding to up to 2000MB per second data transfer speed, and still can be down compatible with USB 3.0 corresponding to 500MB per second transmission efficiency.

BarraCuda Fast SSD
BarraCuda Fast SSD

As for the same can be set by the Toolkit software LED lighting effect, or software storage settings, the same capacity to distinguish 500GB, 1TB and 2TB three specifications.

As for the appearance of the outer hub form, and can be used as a pen and electrical external expansion accessories for the use of the FireCuda Gaming Dock, itself is a built-in set of 4TB storage capacity of 7200-turn high-speed hard drive, and additional can be installed and expanded M.2 NVMe SSD expansion slot, itself is in conjunction with Intel Thunderbolt 3 port and pen power, table computer connection, but also through the built-in 10 kinds of external connection snout, the use of more external connections, but also through the built-in 10 types of external connection. Therefore, it also needs to provide enough power to drive through the external power supply.

In addition to Thunderbolt 3, the FireCuda Gaming Dock includes a set of ports that also support the full functionality of Thunderbolt 3, a set of standard Display Display 1.4, and four sets of USB 3.2 Gen. in USB-A form. 2, and another set of USB 3.2 Gen. 2, also available for charging, also in USB-A form, and includes RJ-45 network cable holes, 3.5mm headphone output, and 3.5mm audio/microphone input.

According to Seagate, although FireCuda Gaming Dock is classified in the game’s external hard drive family, but in fact can also be used with other types of pen and mac devices, mainly as a storage device for the use of external expansion hubs, so it is not actually limited to application in the game-related machine.

FireCuda Gaming Dock
FireCuda Gaming Dock

However, the user can manually expand only M.2 NVMe SSD, built-in 4TB storage capacity of 7200 to high-speed hard drive basically take the non-tamperable design. In addition, although the FireCuda 520 NVMe SSD, which is the same size as M.2 2280, is theoretically possible, the maximum transmission and FireCuda Gaming Dock itself is comparable to the ThunderBolt 3 specification (up to 1000MB per second), so it is recommended that FireCuda 510 NVMe SSD be used.

The proposed selling price section, BarraCuda Fast SSD, which will jump from NT$3090, has been listed in Taiwan on March 30, while the proposed price of FireCuda Gaming SSD has not yet been announced, and is expected to be officially launched in Taiwan in May this year, as far as FireCuda Gaming Dock is listed in Taiwan from now on, the recommended price is NT$14990.

In addition, Seagate also mentioned in this question-and-answer session that a recent partnership with Microsoft to create a special-style external SSD for the Xbox Series X will actually be presented as a new product line, so it will not be included in the game’s off-the-shelf hard drive line.

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