Apple bought AI Startup Voysis to improve Siri functions

Apple has acquired Voysis artificial intelligence system to improve Siri’s voice assistant. Startup Voysis offers a platform that allows digital voice assistants to better understand natural language. The company worked to improve voice assistants in online shopping apps, enabling the software to better interpret user requests.

The technology uses customer databases with AI tools that understand the specifics of products and services, and have a rich vocabulary to simplify the process of user interaction.

Apple bought startup Voysis to improve Siri
Apple bought startup Voysis to improve Siri

According to Bloomberg, Apple intends to use Voysis technology to better understand Siri’s voice assistant in natural language.

Apple is believed to be using Voysis’ technology to improve Siri’s understanding of natural language, or to offer the Voysis platform to developers to improve the way Siri works with apps.

Apple confirmed the acquisition in a statement. “From time to time, Apple buys smaller technology companies, and we don’t usually discuss our goals or plans. ”

It is worth noting that over the past 5 years Apple has acquired several artificial intelligence startups, including, Turi, VocalIQ, Perceptio, Emotient and others.

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