Square Enix releases new trailer for Final Fantasy VII remake
Square Enix releases new trailer for Final Fantasy VII remake

Shortly after the launch of “Final Fantasy VII Remake” on April 10th on the world market, Square Enix released the latest trailer before its official release.

As mentioned by Squre Enix, “Final Fantasy VII Remake” is not just a remake of previous versions on the PlayStation platform in high-resolution graphics. Even more content details are added so players can experience Final Fantasy VII more deeply. The feelings that were brought back this year.

Even if the storyline doesn’t change significantly, players can still be more integrated into the storyline and even be part of the original work without clearly explaining the details of the storyline.

Watch the Final Fantasy VII remake trailer,

At the same time, according to Square Enix’s previous confirmation, the “Final Fantasy VII Remake”, which is expected to be released on April 10, is only the first work. It mainly contains the prologue acts in the industrial town of Midgar, and the story is included in the lesson. Lauder and his group left Midgar.

The release of the latest trailer film content not only explains the main story of the first work, but also appears as a warrior with a destruction sword behind it. It also seems to indicate that Zack could also appear in the remake.

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