Intel i9-10980HK leaks: 8-core 16 Thread, TVB Turbo 5.3GHz

Intel’s 10th generation Core Laptop Processor (Comet Lake-H) will be released on April 2nd, with a 14nm process with a maximum specification of 8 core 16 threads, according to VideoCardz. Now, well-known leakster momomo_us exposed an i9-10980HK parameter and performance.

According to exposure information, the Intel i9-10980HK is an 8-core 16 thread with a maximum frequency of 5.3GHz via Thermal Velocity Boost technology.

Intel i9-10980HK leaks
Intel i9-10980HK leaks

Also, Intel i9-10980HK also appeared on the running sub-site, the data shows that this CPU is 8 core 16 thread, main frequency 3.1GHz, turbo frequency 5.27GHz, 16MB three-level cache. Compared to the previous generation of i9-9980HK, the i9-10980HK main frequency is 0.7GHz higher and the Turbo frequency is 0.3GHz.

In terms of paper parameters, the i9-9900 main frequency of the desktop 65W is 3.1GHz and the turbo frequency is 5GHz. Do share your thoughts on the leaked information regarding Intel i9-10980HK in the comment section below!

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