Huawei announced AI Computing Framework MindSpore as Open Source

During the Huawei 2020 Developer Conference continues online, bringing the latest progress of The Wei Peng and Yan Teng Ecology. According to the agenda of the meeting, the first day of the developer conference (March 27) will focus on Peng Peng, the next day (March 28) will focus on The Teng.

Chen Lei, the Chief Scientist of Huawei MindSpore, announced at the meeting that The Full Scene AI Computing Framework MindSpore of Huawei is officially open source.

Huawei announced AI Computing Framework MindSpore as Open Source
Huawei announced MindSpore as Open Source

The Huawei AI computing framework MindSpore was released last August along with the AI processor, the Totem 910. At the time, Huawei said MindSpore supported other processors, such as GPUs, in addition to the “Teng” processor. To facilitate AI applications, Huawei’s full-scene AI computing framework MindSpore will be open source in the first quarter of 2020.

According to IT Home, Huawei’s MindSpore architecture support can be large and small, adapted to the full scene of independent deployment. MindSpore enables cross-scene collaboration to ensure that user privacy data is protected by collaborative processed gradients, model information, and not the data itself.

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