Video Storytelling: How to Create A Brand Commercial
Video Storytelling: How to Create A Brand Commercial

Video storytelling is one of the content production strategies that manage to create a close relationship with the target audience. But it would help if you got your hands dirty. When producing corporate videos with this feature, for example, a series of techniques must be taken into account so that your objective is achieved.

In this post, we will talk about the concept of storytelling and teach how to create amazing corporate videos based on this technique to obtain relevant results. Are you curious? So, read on!

The importance of storytelling for companies

The main importance of storytelling for companies is to establish a relationship of trust with the target audience, so they believe in their products or services. This is possible when this video content is accurate and achieves the goal of presenting the solution to the problem.


Nowadays, digital marketing is fundamental for business, since it is in this environment that customers are increasingly present. Seeking this closer contact means exposing your products and services in a vast space of possibilities for actions and campaigns. Storytelling is one of those digital marketing tools. So, it must be explored through a set of other actions within targeted campaigns and with special purposes (for example, the launch of a product).

The techniques of storytelling production

To produce relevant storytelling videos, you need to stick to the main techniques. They are the ones that make it possible for the target audience to get involved, and that awakens the desire for consumption, appealing to the emotional side and convincing people that it is that product or service that they need.

Knowing a little about these techniques developed within the script and production process helps to understand better how storytelling videos reach the target audience.

Search for identification

The video must always seek a customer identification with the product, so content arouses in him the idea that what the company sells is what he needs to solve his question.

Within this situation, the character’s problem must be the same as the target audience has, regardless of the context. But the issue must also be generalized so that this identification happens to more people.

Arouse curiosity

It is essential that the video arouses curiosity in those who are watching right at the beginning, making the person keep an eye on what it is about and how that content can be interesting for them.

For this, techniques such as questioning and a certain “mystery” around the situation contribute to the process of gradually revealing the main purpose of the video.

The journey to resolution

It is necessary that this content follows a road map, which usually deals with a journey to the arrival at the goal, which is the resolution of the problem through the product or the service company.

This technique is widely used by Hollywood writers, as it has good persuasive power and public involvement in the story. It follows a chronology that addresses the following moments:

the question arises at a normal moment in everyday life;

the challenge of resolving the issue;

the main character does not believe in the possibility of resolving this issue;

someone indicates the product or service in question;

the main character decides to make use of what was indicated;

finally, the problem is solved, and the effectiveness of the product or service is proven.

Film your content


At this stage, if you cannot count on someone who has editing expertise, it is essential to consider hiring a professional video editor. If the budget does not cover a professional, you can count on a free online video maker, which can offer help when editing your video.

FlexClip is a fantastic tool that allows us to edit corporate videos as the protagonist. It is popular with professional editors or amateurs with a high level of knowledge, as it offers the best editing resources, in addition to exporting files in the most common formats.

Understanding storytelling, it is possible to create really attractive videos for your brand, placing the company in a modern position, and that has significant power to win customers on the emotional side.

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