iPad Pro 2020 beats its predecessor in GPU score in AnTuTu Benchmark scores

This Tuesday, Apple announced its new iPad Pro 2020 models. The company claimed that this generation of iPad Pro devices is going to be “more powerful than most Windows PC laptops.” Now, we have its AnTuTu benchmark scores as well. The 11 inches variant has been revealed so far. It comes powered by an Apple A12Z Bionic chip along with 6 GB of RAM. The device offers an internal storage space of 128 GB. The iPad runs on iPadOS 13.4 and it has a resolution of 1668 x 2388 pixels. The 2020 iPad Pro was tested against the third-generation iPad Pro model.

AnTuTu benchmarks result has been released on its website so if someone wants to check it, they can. As far as the score is concerned, it was more or less the same with the CPU and UX. Interestingly, if these results are to be believed then the 2020 iPad Pro fell short by a few points in terms of CPU cores!  The older model scored 187572 while the 2020 model scored 186186 points. Similarly, the older model also scored better than the current model in terms of UX. The older model has scored 77879 in UX while the 2020 model has scored 77253.

iPad Pro 2020 beats its predecessor in GPU score in AnTuTu Benchmark scores
iPad Pro 2020 beats its predecessor in GPU score in AnTuTu Benchmark scores

However, this can be explained by the chipset configuration as the older model came with an Apple A12X Bionic chipset which had an eight-core CPU and a seven core GPU configuration. On the other hand, the 2020 model has come with an Apple A12Z chipset which has an eight-core CPU and an eight-core GPU configuration. This means the new model has one more GPU core in it than the third-generation iPad Pro model.

Now, let us come to the GPU scoring part. In terms of GPU score, the 2020 model has scored 373781 points while the older third-generation model has scored just 345016. It must be noted that this 2020 model offers 2 GB more space in terms of the internal storage than the older model but still, the new model has scored just 74998 points in storage while its predecessor scored significantly higher at 95118.

iOS 13.4 Gold Master release for developers has tipped the 6 GB RAM configuration for all iPad Pro 2020 models. iPad Pro 2020 model has scored 712218 overall which is higher than the last generation’s 705585. GSMArena remarked that this score is around 100000 points more than the Snapdragon 865 rivals.

According to reports, all the iPad Pro models of 2020 will come with a LiDAR scanner, a display of 120 Hz, peak brightness of 600 nits, and trackpad support. This is the first time that Apple is integrating trackpad support to its iPad models.

As far as price is concerned, the 11 inches Wi-Fi variant comes with a price tag INR 71900 while the 12.9 inches iPad Pro model with Wi-Fi starts from INR 89900.

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