GitHub launches new tools for teachers in GitHub Classroom

Today, GitHub announced a new set of features for its GitHub Classroom. GitHub Classroom is a collection of tools for helping computer science teachers to assign and evaluate coding exercises. It also is a database for a new set of free tools for teachers.

To start with, auto-grading is one of the new core tools added to the classroom. It exactly does what the name promises. This means, with the help of this tool, teachers will be able to add tests to their workflows that automatically test assignments and grade them accordingly.

The test will run automatically on every student repository and grade them as per their outputs. Apart from this, teachers will also be able to provide specific feedback with in-line feedback and automatic pull requests.

GitHub launches new tools for teachers in GitHub Classroom
GitHub launches new tools for teachers in GitHub Classroom

It seems that with this new auto-grading feature, teachers will be able to save a lot of their valuable time as they won’t have to check each and every student’s answer script manually.

At the same time, GitHub is also launching the Teacher Toolbox in its GitHub Classroom which is nothing but a set of free tools for teachers that includes access to a number of development tools, tutorials, domain names and more. The big list of free services includes.TECH domain names, access to BrowserStack for on-device testing and the Termius SSH client support. That is not all, teachers will also get free access to tools from Arduino.

Totally, there are 35 tools and services available through the toolbox right now. It must be noted that these tools differ from those available in the GitHub Student Developer Pack. GitHub Student Developer Pack offers free and discounted access to services like Bitnami, Figure Eight, Namecheap and others to students.

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