Reddit joins hand with Crisis Text Line to offer counselling service

We know that Reddit has been one of the vast platforms throughout the years with a massive user base. Here, in this platform, it is seen that many users go through tough times and they develop suicidal thoughts out of nowhere. Recently, Reddit announced that it had teamed up with an SMS hotline service in order to help these users. In short, Reddit will be providing those kinds of users with proper counseling.

Reddit has collaborated with the Crisis Text Line, a free SMS service in the US. Crisis Text Line will be responsible for offering free and confidential support to those who are suffering from depression and mental health problems.

Reddit joins hand with Crisis Text Line to offer counselling service
Reddit joins hand with Crisis Text Line to offer counseling service

Recently, the social media giant published that they integrated a new feature in the platform that will its users to flag someone who they think is going through a tough time. The concerned Reddit user who will point out and flag the guy can report a specific post or a comment by selecting the option “Someone is considering suicide or serious self-harm”.

Users should do this as soon as they find an overwhelming suicidal post or a comment. The concerned Reddit user can also visit the person’s profile and tap the option “Get them help and support”. This will flag the guy. Now, as soon as the person is flagged, Reddit will reach out to the user by informing them “a fellow Redditor is worried about them”.

As you can imagine the next steps, a professional Crisis Text Line counselor will contact the person in no time. Crisis Text Line professionals are well trained to talk with someone who is going through a difficult phase and is considering suicide or any other kind of self-harm attempts.

It seems that social media are now moving one step ahead by considering mental health problems and finding services to help.

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