Intel rumored to work on a 16 core Alder Lake-S Desktop CPU
Intel rumored to work on a 16 core Alder Lake-S Desktop CPU

According to the latest rumors, Intel is currently developing a version of its hybrid Lakefield architecture for future multi-core desktop CPUs. This will offer not only some high core counts but also will maintain power efficiency. It seems that Alder Lake-S is going to be a big one from Intel.

Currently, a small but efficient strategy that is quite common in the smartphone ecosystem is integrating two or more heterogeneous classes of cores on a single processor. The purported Intel desktop CPUs based on Alder Lake-S would arrive soon if this rumor is to be believed. The rumor considers that we might have to go through only two more generations before we get this available in the market.

However, it must be noted that, back in 2018, Intel announced its hybrid Lakefield so this move is not going to be an unprecedented one. It comes combined with one high performing Intel Core series core along with four Atom series cores. It is expected to be used for ultra-slim and foldable devices by the middle of this year. The rumored Alder Lake-S CPU is said to be designed with eight big cores and eight small cores.

Intel rumored to work on a 16 core Alder Lake-S Desktop CPU
Intel rumored to work on a 16 core Alder Lake-S Desktop CPU

This rumor comes straight from a Chinese Twitter user, momomo_us who is a well-known leaker. Anandtech has reported about this leak first.  Alder Lake-S will require a new LGA1700 socket and variants that have TDPs ranging from 80 W to 150 W. As of now, three variants are currently noted. Two of them features 8 + 8 core arrangements at two different TDP levels while the low-end variant comes with six big cores and no little ones. All the three variants will feature Intel’s GT1 integrated graphics.

As far as the timeline is considered, such a product would debut only in Intel’s 12th Gen Core series at the earliest. As of now, Intel has just started rolling out its 10th generation which uses Comet Lake-S architecture for the desktop segment. Thanks to so many rumors, we also know something about Intel’s 11th generation. Intel’s 11th generation is codenamed as Rocket Lake-S according to rumors. However, we must tell you frankly that right now, there is no other information about it. In short, we know nothing more about the purported Alder Lake generation.

However, it will be interesting to see how such CPUs will be marketed. The company can try out many things so we have to wait and see what steps the company takes. For example, Intel might launch it for specific user segments, or for a particular form factor, or by keeping a particular product category in mind. The S suffix indicates socketed desktop models.

Recently, we have seen that Intel is facing some real competition with AMD.  The current generation AMD Ryzen 9 processor comes with as many as 16-cores and it is tailor-made for the gaming enthusiasts. Similarly, AMD Ryzen Threadripper models come with as many as 64 cores for high-end workstations. Currently, Intel also has high-core-count models but those were as a part of the HEDT lineup only.


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