MAD Gaze Announces the Launch of The World’s Smartest Gesture Controlled Watch
MAD Gaze Announces the Launch of The World’s Smartest Gesture Controlled Watch

MAD Gaze, an award-winning AR smart glasses brand, just announced the launch of their MAD Gaze Watch, which is powered by the most advanced hand gesture controls that are customizable for any watch function.

The MAD Gaze Watch lets users conveniently control their digital lives with simple hand gestures to trigger apps, photos, music, and many other common smart features. Unlike other devices with rudimentary gesture features, MAD Gaze Watch uses an incredibly advanced gesture control system with a cutting-edge 9-axis gyro and acceleration sensor, which accurately captures the different vibration waves and movements of the hand and analyzes them with an advanced intelligent algorithm that triggers any number of customized functions.

MAD Gaze Smartwatch
MAD Gaze Smartwatch

Users can use a hand, finger, and wrist movements and gestures to do almost anything on the watch such as check messages, calendar reminders or Facebook and access digital assistants with simple movements. It adds convenience and speed to essential daily tasks.

“In today’s busy world, people depend on the information provided by their smartwatch. Our goal with MAD Gaze Watch was to help them access that information and control the useful functions of the smartwatch in the most convenient way possible. To do so we made the power of full customized gesture controls available that gives users total control through natural movements of the finger, hand and wrist.” –Jordan Cheng, Founder & CEO of MAD Gaze

MAD Gaze Announces the Launch of The World’s Smartest Gesture Controlled Watch
MAD Gaze Smartwatch

In addition to the most useful and powerful smartwatch features MAD Gaze Watch has a focus on healthy lifestyles for busy people and has run, bike, yoga and 10+ more activity modes that deliver real-time stats during sports and exercise, helping users stay informed about their physical activity. The system records data based on pace, distance, calories burned and more. MAD Gaze also features a sleep tracker that monitors sleep stages and rates sleep quality, an important metric for a healthier lifestyle.

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Known for the quality and durability of their products, MAD Gaze made their smartwatch IP67 water-resistant and dustproof for use in sports and all weather conditions and extended battery life for convenient daily use. With the MAD Gaze Watch, users have greater control over their daily digital lives and a level of control that has never been easier.

MAD Gaze smartwatch is currently being introduced with special pricing and incentives to reward early supporters. This innovative new smartwatch is available now, for more information visit their campaign page.

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