You can now make yourself disappear in front of your webcam
You can now make yourself disappear in front of your webcam

Can normal human beings disappear in the air? Certainly not. It is the work of professional magicians but it seems that with technology, from now on, we will be able to do that at least in front of the camera. It is possible only if we have the technology by our side. By using a new program created by Jason Mayes, anyone can pull a vanishing act live on camera in front of their laptop webcam.

Jason Mayes is a Google web engineer. He is working on “Disappearing People”, a program that uses sophisticated machine learning techniques to make you disappear from a scene by utilizing Google’s open-source program, TensorFlow. TensorFlow is used for machine learning and neural network applications.

You can now make yourself disappear in front of your webcam
You can now make yourself disappear in front of your webcam

In short, the program works by capturing the background of a scene and copying it in its memory. After this, the program scans the copy of the scene for a trace of any human figure and it is successful in discovering a human figure then puts a chunk of the empty room footage that it had captured earlier to make the human “disappear”. After this, it displays the footage without any trace of the human figure that it had identified.

In his Github account, Jason Mayes wrote: “This code attempts to learn over time the makeup of the background of a video such that I can attempt to remove any humans from the scene”.

No sooner than the story is uploaded in Github, many users have already tried it. One such user said that when he tried to make himself disappear, the program tried to make him disappear from the scene, even though a faint line of his image moved back and forth as he moved. You can check out the program by clicking here.

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