Xiaomi Mi MIX 2020 patent surfaces online
Xiaomi Mi MIX 2020 patent surfaces online

Today, a renowned foreign media has published a patent of what looks like the next smartphone from the Chinese tech giant, Xiaomi. It is known as The smartphone is named as Mi MIX 2020.

It must be noted that the prototypes shown in the patent photos look somewhat different from the normal smartphones that we have seen Xiaomi coming up with, in recent times. From the design, it eventually looks different from Xiaomi’s latest smartphone as well.

The patent images that are leaked on the website convey that the supposed Mi MIX 2020 will be equipped with a dual-camera set up and it will be mounted on the rear. Interestingly, it will also feature a secondary screen design.

Xiaomi Mi MIX 2020 patent surfaces online
Xiaomi Mi MIX 2020 patent surfaces online

The patent reveals that the new smartphone from the company will come with a 100% screen on the front screen. This means the screen will be encased in an almost bezel-less casing.

In the patent, we could not identify the front camera on its screen which means the handset might come with no front camera at all. In the rear, the flash is situated in the middle of the two cameras. There is a secondary camera just below the camera module.

There is a high possibility that the screen will be used to display information such as date and time. The handset carries the “MIX” logo on its back, near the end edge of the phone.

As sported by the MIX2, the body can be of the ceramic kind or the colour ceramic design as seen on MIX3 or it might also be under the full-screen design of the slider.

It should be noted that we have only come across a patent so far and this does not confirm the device at all. It remains to be seen what the Chinese tech giant does next with the patent.

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