WhatsApp Crosses 2 Billion Users Milestone Globally
WhatsApp Crosses 2 Billion Users Milestone Globally

WhatsApp, owned by Facebook now has 2 billion users worldwide. They announced this number in an official blog post. This is a very high number compared to 2018 when it was 1 billion and 2016 with 1.5 billion users. Facebook itself has 2.5 billion users and WhatsApp has now come closer to this according to Wall Street journal and Instagram has 1 billion users.

WhatsApp is using this milestone as a chance to magnify the importance of message encryptions but they are under a lot for pressure from authorities who are against this. The Governments argue that not being able to read the people’s messages makes it difficult for the authorities to track crime-related texts and also this can be used conveniently by terrorist groups.

WhatsApp Crosses 2 Billion Users Milestone Globally
WhatsApp Crosses 2 Billion Users Milestone Globally

Despite these pressures, the CEO Will Cathcart said that they will not be taking away the encryptions. “For all of human history, people have been able to communicate privately with each other, and we don’t think that should go away in a modern society”, he told the Wallstreet journal.

However, the metadata which is useful for investigations will be provided by WhatsApp. WhatsApp is planning to make the messaging services interoperable with Facebook’s other messaging clients which were announced by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg last year. This integration will have it’s own limitations because some of the messages from apps like Messenger will not be transferred into WhatsApp.

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