Windows 10 X can be installed in Apple MacBook, it works finally!

Recently, Microsoft has been marketing its upcoming operating system Windows 10 X as a tailor-made solution for the foldable devices like the Surface Neo and others. So far, Microsoft has never publicly confirmed a laptop optimized version of this Windows 10X. Still, from other reports, we more or less know that sooner or later, the company will come out with an OS for the regular clamshell devices.

Interestingly, recently, Microsoft’s internal documents got leaked, and the leaked documents confirm that Windows 10 X will come in different UI depending on devices. This suggests that the company will launch its OS for regular devices at some point in time, even if it is later.

The most interesting bit of information from the leak is that the Windows 10 X can be installed on any device. The list includes the likes of Apple MacBooks as well.

Windows 10 X can be installed in Apple MacBook, it works finally!
Windows 10 X can be installed in Apple MacBook, it works finally!

A few days back, on 11th February 2020, the company released an early version of Windows 10 X Emulator and talked about the dual-screen Surface Neo device, which was scheduled for launch in December 2020.

So far, some independent developers have already installed Windows 10 X emulator images on unsupported machines like Apple MacBook, and they have claimed that installing Windows 10 on Apple’s hardware was not really much difficult. Still, the tricky part was to get the OS to boot and support the MacBook drivers.

Ben, a developer, found that Windows 10 X runs smoothly on Apple MacBook. Ben was successful in running Windows 10 X based on version 2004 on Apple MacBook with Intel Core CPU and 8 GB RAM. However, you should note that though the OS was installed well, the drivers are usable out of the box. For example, the touchpad driver uses OneCoreUAP DDI compliance. It seems that as long as you can disable Secure Boot on your device, you will be able to boot desktop with Windows 10.

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