AMD R9 4900U processor exposure with 12 core 24 thread

In 2020’s CES event renowned tech giant AMD talked about a handful of its upcoming products. In the said event AMD introduced a new generation of 7 nm technology-powered U series mobile processor.

According to reports, the product is none other than the R7 4800U processor. This processor comes with 8 cores and 16 threads.

Now, the company has announced the R9 4900U processor. The company also revealed that this processor will power Lenovo Yoga Slim. Some reports suggest that this processor might be thin and light and it might come with 12 cores and 24 threads. However, it is yet to be confirmed by the company. All these are rumors so far.

AMD R9 4900U processor exposure with 12 core 24 thread
AMD R9 4900U processor exposure with 12 core 24 thread

Photos from the Lenovo booth at the CES event that is posted on Twitter by Twitter users suggest that Lenovo Yoga Slim 14 will come with two different processor variants. One of them will obviously be AMD while the other one will be Intel.

AMD marketed that the AMD version of Lenovo Yoga Slim 14 inches will be equipped with an R9 4900U processor and it will be powered by RAM up to 16 GB memory. It is also heard that the handset will come with 1 TB SSD.

The battery capacity is 60.7Wh, and the FHD version lasts up to 14 hours. As far as interface is concerned, Yoga Slim 14 has two full-featured USB Type C ports but no Thunderbolt 3 ports.

Presently, specifications of R9 4900U are yet to be marketed so we have to depend on rumors. As per experts, from the perspective of positioning, it might come with more cores than what the R7 processor comes with.

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