PUBG announces Vagabond General Set for its Chinese New Year celebration event

The Chinese new year which is also known as the lunar new year has earned a  lot of eyes lately. Now, PUBG Mobile has declared that they will celebrate the Chinese new year or the Lunar year. They said that the celebration will be done with a new themed game show.

According to reports, PUBG Corporation has joined hands with none other than Tencent itself to design a layout of events for this new year celebration. It must be noted that this is not the very first time that PUBG Mobile is hosting an event. There has been a number of events hosted by them so far and in almost all of them, we have seen that some users have won a certain perk or costume or boost.

PUBG announces Vagabond General Set for its Chinese New Year celebration event
PUBG Vagabond General Set

However, it must be noted that this new year celebration event which started on 21st January 2020 will be one of its kind and is different from its previous counterparts. Apart from adding winning in-game perks, the organizers have said that the Chinese new year celebration event will also offer some physical gifts. However, physical gifts will only be in the form of gift cards. The celebration will last till 6th February 2020. PUBG Mobile initially announced about this celebration in its official Twitter account.

There will be a new set called Vagabond General Set which will be made available only for a limited amount of time. By using the character of this set, the players can bring the game to their enemy’s door. The character is a grumpy yet confident looking Chinese general.

PUBG Mobile posted a 30-second teaser video that shows the Chinese general stomping the ground apparently asserting dominance. This character will come with its own set of customized accessories like guns, headgear, and Chinese General robe.

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