Google is working on a new messaging app for business customers
Google is working on a new messaging app for business customers

It is not unknown that Google is an add driven company and earns most of its revenue from ads. The search engine giant is the ultimate stop for any information and the whole world rely on them for basic as well as research-oriented information. One can say that it is a one-stop shop for all web related services and is completely free.

So, obviously, the company will find ways to earn revenue from alternate ways but at the same time keeping their popularity high by providing the same level of services. The most plausible solution for this is “Advertisements”.

Recently Google had introduced a feature called Favicons where the logos of recently searched webpages appear as miniatures below the search tab. The feature was introduced in smartphones last year and recently on desktops. According to Google, this design is the part of the plan which allows the users to understand where the information is coming from.

But this feature does not seem to be very useful to the users and do not make much difference in the search experiences. But this is indeed a useful method for Google in terms of revenue generation.

How they use the Favicons for their advantage is simple. Google has smartly redesigned the way they are showing ads using this feature. They show the ads with a tiny Ad icon on the top of search results. This means that when one search something on Google, the initial links are just Ads and we cannot distinguish between the actual search results and advertisements. Earlier, the ads were shown at the top of search pages in colourful icons and were conveniently separated from organic search results.

This small and intelligent move has already proven to be working for Google. More and more people unintentionally or intentionally are clicking on ads during each of their searches. The digital marketing agencies say that the click-through rates for desktop sites have already been increased. The smartphone icons helped increase the viewership of ads from 17% to 18%.

Google through a tweet, claimed that this new format will put the brand of a website in the front and centre of search results so that the viewers can easily understand the source of information scan results easily. But many users disprove this claim by making it clear that they are irritated with the new feature saying comments like “everything looks like an ad” and “revert the visual garbage”.

Google has not reacted to these criticisms and also not taken any action to remove these features. They are making the users click on ads in a deceiving manner and earning more revenue through this.

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