Jeep to launch 750W electric bike with 40 mile range

Electric vehicles such as electric scooters and cars are becoming increasingly popular and Jeep is joining the club with their new electric bike which they are planning to launch in June 2020. A promo of this bike was shown during the Super Bowl LIV and is believed to have a range of 40 Miles or 64 km in a single charging and also a 750W electric motor.

According to the information from Jeep’s website, the bike has 4.8 in wide tires which is extra wide compared to normal ones which usually have a width of fewer than 2 inches.

Jeep to launch 750W motor electric bike with 40 mile range
Jeep electric bike with a 40-mile range

There is very less information available about this bike at present but reports by Electrek say that it might come out with a battery of 840W and Magura style brakes instead of Tektro Dorado hydraulic disks as shown in the commercial. Other features of the bike include Rockshox rear suspension and inverted front suspension fork. All this suggests that we can expect a super electric bike from this major American automobile brand company.

As of now, there is very less information about this bike and we can hope to get more particulars of the product when it nears the launch date. It is not known whether Jeep is carrying out the production in the house or depending on a third-party manufacturer for the production and simply rebrand the product.

The commercial for Jeep electric bike was aired during the Superbowl of 2020. It was titled Groundhog day and featured American Hollywood actor Bill Murray acting as a weatherman in a local Pittsburgh TV with the name Phil Collins just like the original 1993 movie. The 1-minute ad was originally for Jeep SUV but also featured the e-bike for about 39 seconds.

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