Social media giants to fight against the misinformation spread of Coronavirus

Corona Virus has been declared as a global epidemic and many kinds of misinformation are being spread through social media regarding the same, affecting businesses and the normal lives of people. The large tech and social media giants like Google and Facebook are fighting against the spread of unwanted information by helping people find authentic and reliable information on the issue.

The global businesses are being widely and adversely affected due to the epidemic, hospitality, and aviation being the most hit markets. Tech companies are also facing loss in their revenue due to the temporary shutdowns. Therefore, this move from the side of social media sites was required to overcome a few wrong beliefs and news about the spread of the virus.

Social media giants to work to fight against the misinformation spread of Coronavirus
Social media giants to work to fight against the misinformation spread of Coronavirus

Google as a part of this measure, launched SOS alerts related to the 2019 Novel coronavirus. They have partnered with the World Health Organization (WHO) to provide details and add new features to make the resources about the virus accessible. “When people search for related info on Google, they’ll find the alert atop results page w/ direct access to safety tips, info, resources & Twitter updates from WHO,” says Google.

This means that any search related to the deadly virus will come with an SOS alert on top of the page. In the company’s words “any relevant news content in our regular “Top Stories” box, followed by any relevant local updates. Currently, we are showing the same alerts globally about the 2019 Novel Coronavirus. Over time, these will localize if needed … Our Google SOS Alert for the 2019 Novel Coronavirus also shows Help & Information links, along with Safety Tips”.

Facebook is also taking measures to limit the spread of misinformation and conspiracy theories regarding the disease. They have third party fact-checkers and content reviewers to check the authenticity of the posts related to the Virus. Facebook has taken measures to limit the spread of those posts that have been rated false by sending notifications to those people who attempt to share or have already shared the content.

The coronavirus has now spread to more than 24 nations and there have been reports of around 250 deaths related to the disease. There have been more than 8000 confirmed cases of this virus and the number is expected to go up.

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