Microsoft launches AI for Health initiative to improve healthcare
Microsoft launches AI for Health initiative to improve healthcare

Back in June 2017, Microsoft launched AI for Earth, a US $ 50 million program that promised to provide cloud-based tools and services to many startups who are working to protect the planet. After that it launched back to back programs like AI for Accessibility in May 2018, AI for Humanitarian Action in September 2018, and AI for Cultural Heritage in July 2019. All these are a part of a US $ 165 million programs with five-year commitments.

Today, Microsoft announced the launch of its new AI for Health program. As the name suggests, this automatic intelligence-powered health program is designed to improve the health of people and communities around the world. It is a five-year philanthropic program. In this program, Microsoft will invest the US $ 40 million over nonprofit organizations and researchers working on health-related fields.

In simple words, this program will have four key factors Quest for discovery, Global health insights, Health equity, and Research capabilities.

Microsoft launches AI for Health initiative to improve healthcare
Microsoft launches AI for Health initiative to improve healthcare

John Kahan, Chief Data Analytics Officer of Microsoft said: “The AI for Health program will operate via collaborations that leverage our best AI tools and technical expertise from Microsoft to further quests for medical discovery, uncover global health insights and increase health equity across underserved populations.”

Microsoft president Brad Smith said “We look forward to working with researchers, academics, nonprofits, health industry professionals and policymakers around the world as we accelerate research and insights. Together, we can improve the health of people and communities globally.”

Smith further said “The AI for Health program is underpinned with a strong foundation of privacy, security, and ethics, and was developed in collaboration with leading health experts who are driving important medical initiatives. AI for Health is a philanthropic initiative that complements our broader work in Microsoft Healthcare. Through AI for Health, we will support specific nonprofits and academic collaboration with Microsoft’s leading data scientists, access to best-in-class AI tools and cloud computing, and select cash grants.”

Today, in the morning, at an event in Microsoft’s Redmond campus, Brad Smith and John Kahan explained the new AI for Health program in detail. They said that some of the collaborators of the project are organizations like the Seattle Children’s Research Institute, the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Intelligent Retinal Imaging Systems (IRIS), Novartis Foundation, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, BRAC, and PATH.

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