Microsoft Search integrates acronym feature

Today, Microsoft Search announced the Acronyms feature. This feature will help employees to find out information about their company’s often confusing acronyms. According to Microsoft, this feature will automatically find definitions for acronyms appearing on the company’s documents, internal sites, Yammer channels, Teams and SharePoint sites, and others.

Companies will be allowed to add their custom definitions of the acronyms they use to refer to their products, people, groups, operations, and services. Just for an example, if you search for TLA then Microsoft Search will display the internal definition of the word TLA as defined by the admin of the particular company.

Microsoft Search integrates acronym feature
Microsoft Search integrates acronym feature

Back in 2018, at the Ignite event, Microsoft first introduced Microsoft Search. It defined Microsoft Search as an enterprise search experience that will be available across Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Yammer, OneDrive, Windows, Office, and Bing.

Then, in 2019, at the Build event, the company announced the general availability of Microsoft Search and said that it is powered by the Microsoft Graph and Bing AI technology. In the event, Microsoft, further disclosed that it will show content stored by your organization in Microsoft 365 as well as the content that is indexed from services like Salesforce, Google Drive, SAP, ServiceNow, AWS and others through its intelligent connectors.

In order to promote Microsoft Search, the company said irrespective of whether you are searching for people, files, org charts, sites, or simple answers to commonly asked questions, users can from now on use Microsoft Search.

Admin of an organization will be able to individually create and publish every acronym using the single-item publishing procedure. In order to save time, Microsoft has also integrated import and export options through csv file extension. To get a full list of features, visit the official website.

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