Apple acquired at US $200 million

According to a recently released report, Apple has bought edge based AI startup named at the price of US $200 million. Currently, the basic variant of Apple iPhone 11 Pro comes with a price tag of US $ 24.95 while iPhone 11 Pro Max comes with a price tag of US $ 41.62.

Right now, cellphone manufacturers all over the world are struggling to differentiate between themselves. Every company is trying out something different so that it has something unique to offer to the large consumer base.

Apple acquired at US $200 million
Apple acquired at US $200 million

From the late 2000s, we have seen that new phones have got sleeker, faster, and came with more memory. Today, the basic competition is in camera, processor, graphics unit and RAM. It seems that Apple’s acquisition of is the latest move in the battle for camera supremacy along with AI.

Xnor’s AI technology allows users to run deep learning models on edge devices. In simple words, this means one will be able to run a software that can extract insights from photos and videos even if you have a typical low power smartphone processors on your handset.

Now the question is why would someone like to use it? The first and simplest answer is for privacy and bandwidth. With this, you won’t have to manually tag your photos or search for a particular photo. This software will automatically search the photo you are looking for as it has already auto-tagged it with its intelligent deep learning methods. Apart from this, there will be a host of photo editing features on your phone.

These deep learning models make it possible to auto segment your media (photos and videos)so that you can easily apply filters or put yourself against an entirely different background. Apple can also use to make its smart speaker HomePod which recognizes users visually and enables more precise visually based gestures like volume adjustment.

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