Apple patents AIO iMac desktop with glass keyboard

A newly issued Apple patent reveals AIO iMac desktop with an integrated keyboard that is made of pure glass. It seems that Macbook will soon get a new keyboard with a mechanism where its keys have almost no depth.

Recently, Apple patented an all in one touch screen desktop which resembles HP TouchSmart line up and Lenovo IdeaCentre line up.  with a touchscreen. The new patent reveals a display enclosure with keyboard Dual Trackpad which provides an inferior tactile feel.

In the future, iMac/desktop PC might be coupled with glass housing. It is simply an alternative design with separable keyboards. The curved portion comes with two parts: a planar display area and a planar input area.

Apple patents AIO iMac desktop with glass keyboard
Apple patents AIO iMac desktop with glass keyboard

The Apple patent says “The US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple that relates to a next-generation all-in-one (AIO) desktop iMac that is made with a continuous glass body.”

The patent report further suggests that the device could be used as a home automation system that includes an OLED display with an integrated keyboard. Physical features such as recesses, protrusions, borders on its exterior surface might be included in the housing member.

It seems that with this, the user will be able to type faster. Also, the user won’t have to align their fingers with the keys because they will be able to feel the borders and boundaries of each key region.

Once again we are reminding you that a patent simply does not mean that we will be seeing the device soon. In fact, a patent does not even guarantee a product. So we have to wait and watch the steps taken by the company in the next few months.

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