Samsung might integrate Quick Share app in upcoming Galaxy devices

Reportedly, Korean tech giant Samsung is working on developing Quick Share file-sharing software. In terms of functional ability, this Quick Share is going to be an AirDrop alternate. It might feature in the company’s upcoming handset, Galaxy S20. Quick Share is believed to have been first discovered by XDA’s Max Weinbach. So far, AirDrop designed by Apple is the industry’s best file sharing application. We have to wait and see what Samsung silently cooked for us.

The above-mentioned report revealed that Quick Share will be a relatively straight forward tool that will fasten up the process of file transfer between two Galaxy phones. As of now, Weinbach managed to install the APK file of the Quick Share app on multiple Samsung devices but the app did not work in either of them. Mainly, it is because the APK was extracted from a Galaxy S20+ 5G handset and other devices were not fully compatible with it.

Samsung might integrate Quick Share app in upcoming Galaxy devices
Samsung Quick Share app

It is going to launch with One UI 2.1 and later versions. Right now, it is not available with One UI 2.0. Some of the tech circle peoples are considering that this app might be rolled out to all recently released Galaxy devices but we are not yet sure about it.

Quick Share will allow users to transfer photos, videos, audio files along with other files between compatible Samsung smartphones. Initially, it will come with two sharing options: ‘Contacts Only’ and ‘Everyone’. Contacts Only will enable users to transfer files to Samsung Social users who they have in their contacts while the Everyone option will let users transfer files with anyone and everyone whose device compatibility matches the requirements.

Users will be able to send files up to 1 GB at a time and 2GB per day to supported Samsung Smart Things devices by temporarily uploading them to Samsung Cloud.

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Via – XDA Blog