Microsoft launches Surface Duo preview toolkit
Microsoft launches Surface Duo preview toolkit

Microsoft unveiled a pair of dual screen concept devices in October 2019 that grabbed plenty of headlines. Now, the company has launched the Surface Duo preview toolkit. Surface Duo is Microsoft’s first dual-screen smartphone that runs on Android OS. On the other hand, Surface Neo is simply a larger tablet version of the Duo and it runs on Windows 10X. It is expected that Microsoft will bring both products by the holiday shopping season of 2020.

With the launch of preview toolkits prior to the launch of the devices indicate that the company is giving software developers a head start to optimize their applications.

Microsoft launches Surface Duo preview toolkit
Microsoft launches Surface Duo preview toolkit

Today, the company launched Surface Duo preview SDK completely with an emulator and Java frameworks. With this, experienced developers will be able to experiment and try out new improvements or fixes with the two-screen form factor on Android.

Just within a few hours of the toolkit release, we have heard from the tech circle that the user will be able to drag and drop in the new handsets. Moreover, the handset will come with touch pen interaction. It seems that there will be more potential app scaling and interaction patterns to come soon.

We have heard that by default all the apps will take up the full screen but the user of the handset will be allowed to resize them in window mode. Apart from this, as far as views are concerned, there will be split-screen or a dual view of the same app on both screens.

Other than double-portrait or double-landscape layouts there will be options of companion pane view of an app. It seems that Microsoft is aiming to deliver a multitasking experience to its users. And is looking forward to integrating as many fancy view options as possible. We might get the Windows 10X preview SDK by 11th February.

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