OneSearch search engine launched by Verizon in the US

Today, Verizon Media which was formerly known as Yahoo/Oath announced OneSearch. It is going to be a new privacy-focused search experience for consumers. There are a couple of things we need to discuss before we jump directly into the capabilities of this new search engine.

OneSearch is not going to be a brand new search engine built from scratch. In short, it is a custom search engine built on top of Microsoft Bing. The best part of this search engine is that it does not track or store or share search data or personal data with advertisers which means your personal information won’t be sold and you won’t get thousands of spam mails if you create an account with them.

OneSearch search engine launched by Verizon in US
OneSearch search engine launched by Verizon in the US

Now, the basic question that might come to your mind is how does OneSearch make money if they are not selling any data to the advertisers? It should be noted that just like any other search engine, OneSearch is also an ad-supported platform which means contextual ads will be displayed based on your search keywords. The thing is they follow the keyword algorithm and not cookies or browsing history.

There is Advanced Privacy Mode feature, with which OneSearch’s encrypted search results expire within an hour.

Key takeaways from OneSearch’s privacy-focused search engine are:

  • No cookie tracking,
  • No retargeting
  • No personal profiling
  • No personal information sharing
  • No search history storing
  • Unfiltered search results
  • Encrypted

If you are a US resident you can try out One Search search engine. Later this month, there will be an app as well for both Android and iOS platforms.

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