Pokemon Go made the best profit in 2019 of over $900 million
Pokemon Go made the best profit in 2019 of over $900 million

Pokemon Go from Niantic had the best year in 2019 when it earned $894 million from player spending. The game was launched in 2016 and took the world by surprise when it earned $832 million in the first year itself. This location-based mobile game app has achieved major heights during the next three years after its launch according to Sensor Tower Store intelligence estimate.

To be mentioned, 2017 was not a very good year for them and the revenue reduced to $589 million which is still a high amount but not good in comparison to previous years. The game rebounded in 2018 with a profit of $816 million and then 2019 surprised them with a much higher profit.

The app’s growth after 2017 is attributed to various upgrades in the game and also real-world events. Pokemon Go gained 38% of its revenue in 2019 from the United States which came up to $335 million. Next comes Japan in second place with $286 million or 32% and Germany with $54 million (6%) in third place.

Pokemon Go made the best profit in 2019 of over $900 million
Pokemon Go

The majority of the revenue (about 54%) came from Google Play where it earned 2 million and meanwhile, the app store accumulated 2 million (46%). Pokemon Go has made a historic record by generating most of its revenue on Android while most of the mobile games gain revenue in iOS.

As far as downloads are concerned, Pokemon Go has 55 million installs in 2019, with a majority of downloads in the US (10 million) which accounts for 19% of the total. The second position goes to Brazil with 5 million downloads(10%) and the third position is for India with 3 million or 6% of the installs. 38 million of the installs were from Google play and 17 million from the App store.

Because of the $894 million gross revenue of Pokemon Go in 2019, it became the 5th top earner in the world followed by a Monster strike by Mixi at the 6th position. Candy crush comes just before Pokemon Go in the 4th position with $1.1 billion.

Other location-based games released in 2019 are DragonQuest walk and Square Enix. These were released in Japan and grossed over $201 million in 4 months. They still could not overtake the impact of Pokemon Go. There were other games in the same category including Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, The Walking Dead: Our World, and Ghostbusters World. All these earned income in the range of $23 million. None of them could compete with Pokemon Go.

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