ASUS launches ROG Pugio II Wireless Gaming Mouse
ASUS launches ROG Pugio II Wireless Gaming Mouse

At the CES 2020 International Consumer Electronics Show, ASUS officially launched the ASUS ROG Pugio II wireless gaming mouse with a replaceable micro-motion design. The ROG Pugio II wireless mouse features adjustable side buttons, a customizable symbol, RGB illumination and main switch switches, allowing users to play the games as they wish.

The ASUS ROG Pugio II wireless gaming mouse measures 127 × 64.4 × 39.9mm and weighs about 100g. This mouse uses three connection methods, namely wired, Bluetooth and 2.4GHz. The Pugio II also features a lightweight and flexible cable with a length of two meters. Users can use this cable when they want to take advantage of the wired connection or charge the mouse’s batteries.

ASUS launches ROG Pugio II Wireless Gaming Mouse
ASUS launches ROG Pugio II Wireless Gaming Mouse

In terms of battery life, the Bluetooth mode can be used for about 100 hours, and the 2.4GHz mode can be used for about 69 hours. Technopat claims, that the Pugio II gaming mouse can be fully charged in less than two hours with this USB cable.

Talking about the performance, the sensor has a maximum DPI of 16000 (the specific model is not specified), using 50 million clicks of the OMRON D2FC-FK micro-motion, and also comes with the OMRON D2F-01F micro-motion; the micro-motion uses a replaceable design, players The micro-movement can also be easily replaced.

The ROG Pugio II can be operated with both hands. If the player does not like the left and right keys, you can change the shield to avoid accidental touch. The Pugio II has a pair of magnetic keys on the right and left sides.

For those who do not want to stand in the open can be covered with the cover that comes with the product. Thus, the possibility of accidentally pressing these keys is eliminated. Thanks to the ROG-specific key slot design, which allows pushing and fixing, the feel of the mouse keys can be adjusted.

Key features of ROG Pugio II:

  • Optimized connectivity includes dual-wireless 2.4GHz and Bluetooth(BLE), plus wired USB
  • Industry-leading 16,000 dpi, 400 IPS optical sensor for exceptional performance
  • Ambidextrous gaming mouse with magnetic configurable side buttons
  • Exclusive push-fit switch socket design, detachable magnetic top cover and customizable badge for effortless DIY
  • Up to 100 hours of wireless gaming with power-efficient sensor
  • DPI On-The-Scroll manipulation for effortless accuracy adjustments
  • Lightweight design for speedy glide, precise control and portability
  • Pivoted button mechanism for fast response and accurate performance, accompanied by a clean, tactile feel

To learn more about the product, visit the official webpage of ASUS. Do share your thoughts on the newly announced 2nd generation ROG Pugio II Wireless Gaming Mouse in the comment section below!


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