Samsung’s designers steal Apple’s Face ID icon at CES 2020 Keynote

At CES 2020 Keynote session, Samsung made a mistake. In the keynote last night, Samsung seemed to directly copy an Apple icon. The move continues Samsung and other companies’ long-standing practice of intentionally or unintentionally cloning Apple.

This time, Samsung’s facial recognition technology icon is almost the same as Apple’s Face ID icon. As iMore said, Samsung ’s icon is not exactly the same as Apple ’s Face ID icon – for example, the lines look thicker, the spacing is smaller, and the arc of the corners changes – but at first glance, it still makes people think of Apple’s Face ID icon, but it has been slightly adjusted to fit the design language of other parts of the slide.

Samsung's designers steals Apple's Face ID icon at CES 2020 Keynote
Samsung’s designers steal Apple’s Face ID icon at CES 2020 Keynote

About 50 minutes after the start of the Samsung press conference, the icon appeared, when the company’s head of consumer electronics was talking about their investments in cybersecurity. The person in charge said: “We will invest in identity protection to let users access your favourite websites and mobile apps through Samsung Pass.” The icon is displayed for a total of 15 seconds.

Samsung's designers steal Apple's Face ID icon at CES 2020 Keynote
Left: Apple Face ID Right: Samsung Keynote

This seems to be a mistake of the slide author. Samsung does not seem to use this icon in its software or product packaging. The company’s real facial recognition icon is the outline of a face, which looks more ordinary.

For a long time, other companies like to “learn” from Apple’s design, and often even use it directly. Samsung is the most famous one. The company has been involved in two multi-year lawsuits, and Apple has accused it of copying the iPhone design.

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