Samsung unveils NEON Project, new humanoid chatbots at CES 2020
Samsung unveils NEON Project, new humanoid chatbots at CES 2020

Neon, a venture which emerged from Samsung’s Technology and Advanced research Labs (STAR) debuted in the CES 2020 by introducing a new technology which is also called Neon. It is an Artificial Intelligence or computationally created virtual human being which has the capability to show intelligence and emotions.

Samsung’s Neon Project are not AI assistants which means that they are not the usual know it all robots. You cannot get information like the year of John F Kennedy assassination or about World war 2 and cannot be used as an internet interface. Neons learn from experience just like human beings, form memories, learn new skills and show emotions like us but do not have physical embodiment.

Samsung unveils NEON Project, new humanoid chatbots at CES 2020
Samsung NEON chatbots

Neons can be used for goal-oriented projects like financial advisors, teachers, actors, healthcare providers etc. and each one is unique in case of personality and knowledge.

Pranav Mistry, the CEO of Neon said that “Neons will be our friends, collaborators and companions, continually learning, evolving and forming memories from their interactions”.

Mistry on 4th of this month has tweeted the picture of what appeared to be an Avatar or model of the Neon human being which he called Core R3. His Tweet says, “It can now autonomously create new expressions, new movements, new dialogue (even in Hindi), completely different from the originally captured data”.

Samsung unveils NEON Project, a new humanoid chatbot at CES 2020
Samsung unveils NEON Project at CES 2020

In Core R3, R3 stands for reality, realtime and responsive which is a proprietary technology of Neon. Another technology is called Spectra is responsible for intelligence, emotions, learning and memory. The Core R3 has a latency( response time) of less than a few milliseconds which means the Neons will respond and act in real-time. Spectra is still in the developing stage.

Information about whether Neons will be available on upcoming Samsung devices is not known. There are certain security doubts regarding this technology such as it could be used for deepfakes or manipulated video showing real people doing or saying things. But according to Neon, even though the Avatar is based on human appearance, the technology is fundamentally different from deepfake or facial reanimation techniques.

Samsung unveils NEON Project, new humanoid chatbots at CES 2020
Samsung’s NEON Project – Humanoid chatbots

The company said that Core R3 does not manipulate any videos or individual scenes. It creates unique behaviours of Neons in real-time that has never happened before. The technology uses state of art security protocols. Only the user and the Neon itself has access to information about their interactions and no outsider gains access to these.

Beta launch of Neon is expected to happen this year. People will be able to subscribe to Neons for professional help and advice. “Neons will integrate into our world and serve as new links to a better future, a world where humans are humans and machines are human”.

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