Huami unveiled Amazfit PowerBuds and ZenBuds TWS earbuds
Huami unveiled Amazfit PowerBuds and ZenBuds TWS earbuds

Just before the CES 2020 event, Huami, a Chinese tech company supported by Xiaomi teased that it will step into the audio space soon and they are planning to launch their first-ever Amazfit branded wireless earbuds, ZenBuds. Throughout the years, the company has expanded beyond fitness bands and smartwatches and now they are claiming that their next wireless earbud will come with fitness monitoring capabilities.

Amazfit PowerBuds

Amazfit PowerBuds weigh around 6 grams. They come with magnetic ear hooks that weigh around 1 gram. These hooks provide not only offers a sporty look but also stops them from falling when you bend. According to the company, these earbuds can measure heart rate in real-time with its built-in Huami PPG heart rate sensor.

These earbuds are equipped with an advanced composite diaphragm that provides a great audio experience. The company said that Amazfit earbud’s in-ear design and Motion Beat mode together will offer enhanced beat and tempo.

Huami unveiled Amazfit ZenBuds and PowerBuds starting at $99.99
Amazfit PowerBuds

Like any other current-generation earbud, these earbuds also come with touch control support. With its, you will be able to control playback, call Google Assistant, answer calls, and call Siri.

These wonderful earbuds also come with ENC dual-microphone noise reduction technology support which reduced background noise. There is also Thru Mode which amplifies sound enhancement.

Huami claims that this upcoming Amazfit branded earbud will come with a battery life of 8 hours with one full charge and if someone uses the charging case then it will offer 24 hours of battery life. Huami has priced Amazfit PowerBuds at the rate of $99.99 and confirmed that sales will begin from February 2020 onwards.

Amazfit ZenBuds

Huami said that its Amazfit branded ZenBuds is also scheduled for release. ZenBud comes with high-end noise-blocking technology and is backed by Knowles Balanced Armature. There is also a Smart Interference with the help of which one can create the “right environment and generate sleep-inducing, soothing sounds.”

Huami unveiled Amazfit PowerBuds and ZenBuds TWS earbuds
Amazfit ZenBuds TWS earbuds

The ZenBud automatically detects when its user is sleeping and turns of music. Apart from this it also has other capabilities like heart rate tracking and body position monitoring.

Huami claims that its Amazfit branded ZenBuds offers a battery life of 12 hours with a single charge. When someone uses the charging case, this is extended up to 8 nights (12 hours every night). The company said that ZenBuds will arrive in the market in 2020 itself.

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