Sony unveils an electric car prototype "Vision-S" at CES 2020
Sony unveils an electric car prototype “Vision-S” at CES 2020

Sony announced the release of its new mind-blowing product, an electric car named the Sony Vision S. It is a sedan model electric vehicle that is said to showcase features of the Japanese tech Conglomerate, which includes entertainment products, camera sensors and much more.

Sony Vision-S has 33 different sensors fitted inside and outside the vehicle and multiple widescreen displays. It has interesting features like 360 audio, connectivity which is always available with players from Blackberry and Bosch. The vehicle is powered by a new EV design which is engineered by Magna and this, apparently, can also power other SUV vehicles according to Sony.

Sony unveils an electric car prototype "Vision-S" at CES 2020
Sony Vision-S Prototype Car

The design of Vision-S can be compared with that of Porsche on the outside, especially the headlights. The inside of the vehicle contains a dashboard spanning screen which can be compared to the design used by a Chinese EV startup called Byton. There are also screens and headsets for rear seats.

Sony made the announcement about Vision-S at the end of the CES press conference and it took the audience by surprise. Along with this, they had also announced the design of the upcoming Playstation 5.

“The prototype embodies our contribution to the future of mobility”, says the CEO, Kenichiro Yoshida.

Sony has also made announcements of its ongoing research and investments on self-driven vehicles. This includes LIDAR and the Time of flight cameras.

Sony unveils an electric car prototype Vision-S at CES 2020
Sony Vision-S Prototype Car – Inside

Some of the latest investments as described by Sony includes CMOS image sensors to deliver accurate object recognition even at difficulties undetectable situations, a solid-state LiDAR for distance measurement and 3D view of real spaces, Sensor fusion technology for merging the capabilities of various sensors of different attributes to enable accurate and early recognition even during foggy or dark environment.

They also explained about a Time of Flight in-cabin sensing solution to recognize objects and people inside the car using distance measurement technology. This can be used to provide safety inside the vehicle by information system with intuitive interfaces such as gesture control.

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