Xiaomi Mijia Smart Cat Eye is now available for 499 Yuan
Xiaomi Mijia Smart Cat Eye is now available for 499 Yuan

A few weeks back, Xiaomi Mall crowdfunding launched a Mi smart cat’s eye and it got more attention over the customers. Now, Xiaomi Mijia Smart Cat Eye is available for sale that comes with a price tag of 499 Yuan in China. Xiaomi Mijia Smart Cat Eye comes with a 5-inch IPS LCD display with a resolution of 854×480 pixels along with a 161-degree wide-angle. You can also remotely view the front screen through the Mijia App and XiaoAI touchscreen speakers.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Cat Eye uses 940nm night vision infrared light. In night vision mode, the infrared light will not emit glare red light, which can not only cause the neighbors to feel disgusted while looking out the door. Mijia Smart Cat Eye has a built-in 6000mAh lithium battery.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Cat Eye is now available for 499 Yuan
Xiaomi Mijia Smart Cat Eye

According to reports, in standard mode, battery life can reach 2.5 months, in power saving mode, the standby power consumption of the device is reduced by 90%, and battery life can reach 7.5 months.

Mijia Smart Cat Eye is equipped with a custom PIR human induction sensor that can identify outsiders. It also uses intelligent AI human shape detection algorithms to reduce false alarms triggered by non-human bodies (such as false triggers caused by wind and animals).

Cat Eye detects that someone is present in front of the door and immediately starts recording and pushes an alert message to the phone. When someone stops or the cat’s eyes are pried outside the door, Xiaomi Mijia Smart Cat Eye will push a message and give a local alert.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Cat Eye is now available for 499 Yuan
Xiaomi Mijia Smart Cat Eye

The intelligent Al face recognition algorithm can be used to identify people who have remarked without knowing who is at the door without looking at the screen.

The videos recorded by Xiaomi Mijia Smart Cat Eye will be encrypted and uploaded to the cloud, which can be viewed through the Mijia App. The video recorded in the cloud for three days of free storage service will be stored on the local Micro SD card. The new video will automatically cover the old video to continue recording when the memory card is full.

Using the H.265 encoding protocol, the live stream is smooth, and the video is uploaded quickly. When the Micro SD card is inserted locally, Xiaomi Mijia Smart Cat Eye will also keep the recording state. After the network is restored, the recording during the disconnection will be automatically transferred to the cloud. server.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Cat Eye supports female voice change to male voice communication with visitors; supports a variety of quick responses such as “courier drop door”, and also supports Mijia’s ecological chain linkage, one-click access to weather conditions, limit number information and other functions.

Do share your thoughts about the Xiaomi Mijia Smart Cat Eye gadget in the comment section below! Currently, the product is listed on JD.com and you can pre-order it today!

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