OnePlus Concept One will come with electrochromic technology

OnePlus has maintained that it’s an upcoming handset, OnePlus Concept One is going to be an ‘Alternate Future with Alternate Design’ device.

Previously it was revealed that OnePlus Concept One will be shown in the CES 2020 event and now the company itself has disclosed a handful of features of the concept phone through a video.

In the teaser video, OnePlus showed the front of the device with curved edge glass just like what we have seen in a typical OnePlus 7T Pro.

OnePlus Concept One will come with electro chromic technology
OnePlus Concept One

The video conveys that the concept phone will adopt a three-lens camera in a vertical arrangement. It comes powered by an electrochromic technology. With this technology, the camera lens and LED light can be hidden under the glass back cover of the phone.  When it is being used, the color of the back cover becomes transparent with the change of the electric field and the lens under the glass back cover appears.

It should be noted that normally, electrochromic technology is used in aircraft, and sports cars. With it, the degree of light transmission can be adjusted by changing the electric field and the surface color can be changed. Together, this allows the degree of light penetration of the glass to change with time and reduces the heat absorption ratio of glass.

The application of this technology to the back cover of the body allows the lens to be hidden under the back cover when it is not normally used. When the user turns on the camera, the camera lens can be changed by changing the color and transmittance of the back cover.

OnePlus mentioned this technology in detail in its recently released video but the company did not reveal any other specification of the handset. Some experts are expecting a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor but it is not yet confirmed by the company.

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