Huawei OpenEuler operating system source code is live

On 19th September 2019, at Shanghai, Huawei announced that it is developing its own OS, EulerOS. Xiaomi further claimed that the server of this operating system will become open source.

Hou Jinlong, Huawei Cloud & AI products and services president revealed that Huawei is partnering with companies like Red Flag and Wuhan Shenzhidu in order to prepare its open source community.

Apart from this, Hou Jinlong also announced that Huawei’s database GaussDB will also be open source and it will be online from online before 30th June 2020 onwards. He said right now, GaussDB currently covers 70% of enterprise business data.

Huawei OpenEuler operating system source code is live
Huawei OpenEuler operating system source code is live

OpenEuler open source community has been official recently. It showed not only the source code, but also the development environment, mirroring, and the testing environment.

It is believed that gradually, Huawei will open up its technology accumulation in the field of ICT basic software and discuss the basic platform capabilities of the open-source operating system. In this open-source community of OpenEuler, participants will be able to download operating system installation images or source codes and participate in the innovation. The openEuler community has also incubated two open-source sub-projects named as A-Tune and iSula.

A-Tune is an intelligent performance optimization system software while iSula is a cloud-native lightweight container solution. The former is a precise application model of machine learning in business while the latter is the solution to meet multiple demands of ICT field and cloud scenarios with a flexible and unified architecture.

If you are a developer yourself, then we would suggest you check out the below-mentioned repository inks. These links will redirect to obtain relevant code and documents for reference, learn, understand and download Huawei openEuler operating system source code.