“Assisted Trim” offers Youtuber Creators to edit their videos
“Assisted Trim” offers Youtuber Creators to edit their videos

YouTube is introducing a new feature called Assisted Trim which would let the Youtubers trim the contents in their videos if required in case of copyright issues. They have, in fact, faced long-time struggles because of this issue and often have to take down the entire video even for a small portion of disputed content.

The new feature allows the users to trim their videos easily and thus they do not have to remove their entire content from the site to re-edit, only to upload them again. Therefore Assisted trim is helpful for creators who receive a copyright notice for their video where only a small portion of their video is affected.

“Assisted Trim” offers Youtuber Creators to edit their videos
YouTube – Assisted Trim

This feature marks or highlights the portion of the video which is affected by the copy write issue. The creator can then remove that portion of the video or in case of background audio, they can mute it or add another audio for the portion thus resolving any issues with monetization.

YouTube offers 3 ways to edit the contents. One can either trim out the portion of the video, mute the audio under dispute or replace the existing audio with another audio. YouTube says that later on, they will bring about features to trim and adjust the endpoints of the videos as well so that the viewers does not face any interruption.

“We’re also providing more transparency about the content of the copyright takedown then ever before, now surfacing the specific description of the copyrighted work provided by the claimant in the takedown notice. In cases where that info is not readily available, there is an option to contact our copyright team for a copy of the takedown notice”. This was written by a YouTube representative on the support page.

On top of all this, they have added a ‘copyright claims’ video lists and a ‘restrictions’ column to the videos pages so that the Youtubers can easily identify the videos and filter out the affected ones.

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